CE24 Semi-hollow Advice


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Apr 26, 2012
Gophers Hollow, Indiana
I'm thinking about a new PRS and while I keep thinking about a DGT in the back of my mind. I'm thinking strongly about a CE24 Semi-hollow.

I gig a variety of styles. For my country gigs I'll probably still play a Tele or a Strat. The main two bands I gig with at the moment are a Classic to modern rock band and a R&B/Neo Soul/Funk band and I'm thinking about something different. I don't currently have a 24 fret guitar so maybe that will be fun. I also like the idea of have the pattern thin neck. I'm also pretty interested in the semi-hollow aspect.

I and want a guitar that is unique for me. In PRSi I currently own

PRS Experience McCarty 57/08 (Wide Fat)
Custom 22 (Wide Thin Neck)
Custom 22 Special (Wide Fat)
2000 Singlecut (Wide Fat)
Ted McCarty Singlecut w/soapbars (Wide Fat)
513 Swamp Ash (Wide Fat)
408 (pattern) This is my current #1 PRS
Vela this is my #2

I'm thinking the CE24 would be something different that I would like.
Any insight would be appreciated!
I'm a big fan of my CE24 semi-hollow, it has the newer 85/15 pickups and they sound glorious in my opinion. Neck feels great. Although not a huge difference from the solid version, but I feel the f hole does do a little something.....and it looks cool. Do it!
Yes I'd suggest going for it - they're great guitars and can cover a lot of styles (I use it clean-ish on more rootsy stuff), and I'm not biased just because I own one!
Thanks for the responses, I'm getting closer to pulling the trigger, I'm still going to sleep on on it a little first. One thing I didn't mention is that a good clean tone in really important to me.
Cleans on my CE are amazing. Even on a high gain, if I roll down the volume, the pickups clear up pretty nicely.