Can anyone help me identify my guitar?


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Nov 17, 2022
So October of last year I obtained what I thought was a 1992 Standard. The thing is, it has some specifications that are unusual for Standards, like bird inlays and a top wood that almost looks like a cross between koa and mahogany. I sent an email to Customer Service, but they said their records don't go back that far and I'd need to pull the pickups to find out any information. Unfortunately, I discovered when trying to remove the pickup rings both rings have a screw with a stripped head. I was able to pull the neck pickup, but all it said was the date of manufacture (August 12th) and the initials ATS with a signature, both of which I assume belonged to the QC employee.

How can you post pics without an image URL? I have photos, but they aren't hosted anywhere (I quit Photobucket).