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Bass fishing?

im an avid fisherman. it does basically the same thing for my soul that playing gtar does.

i assume you are a tackletour forum member???

i really want an rt178, but the funds are still a couple of years away. being from arkansas, ranger has always been the dream. i'm sure by the time i can upgrade my tracker vexus should have something in 17 1/2 range.
When I lived near Chicago as a kid and into a young man, I would travel to northern Minnesota with my father to fish at least once or even twice a year. Awesome fishing. Now I live in MN and hardly ever go despite the fact great fishing is in my back yard. Go figure. However, to stay on topic better, I love to bass fish when I can and think they are great eating. Also, some of the biggest lg mouths I've seen came out of farm ponds.
Got my daughter into fishing this summer at the cabin, cork bass poppers on the fly rod...she was pulling little smallmouths in left right and center, shrieking with delight haha! Hopefully it'll stick...I have 3 generations of old cane rods to pass down!
Went out on the boat to the local lake this morning, was on the water by 7am. Spent three and a half hours and got skunked. On the way home I Stopped at a local spot that you fish from the bank.

This spot is a waterfall feeding a river and I can typically catch two or three and up to nine or ten bass per visit, mostly small ones but fun to catch. Almost exclusively throw a whopper plopper since it is a shallow spot and they kill top water lures here.

I have twice before hooked a big one here only to have him skate off before I can land him. Well this morning on my very first cast I landed him! BIG fish, didn’t have my scale but easy five to six pounder, thick and fat. Felt so good to finally get him, my biggest to date.

I just got home from my favorite farm pond.

My third bass turned out to be this monster:

Im not sure what he weighed, but he was BIG! I wear an 11 1/2 shoe:

So, I figured I was done for the day. However, I decided on my walk back around to my car I’d try the other end a few throws. Good idea!

He wasn’t as big as the previous one, but............. ;-)

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Most of my biggest bass have been farm ponds. And I haven't fished one in 15 years. :(