Artist II from the mid 90’s - tell me what you know…

Discussion in 'Electric Instruments' started by Nodnarb1977, May 12, 2021.

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    So, as my interest in different PRS guitars grows, I’ve come to find I really like the aesthetics of the Artist II series. Extra classy, yet not as “sparkly” as the Artist III. I dig it.

    However, I am led to believe they all were semi/hollow or chambered of sorts. Is this an awesome thing for their tone compared to solid body CU22s? Or just a weight thing when it comes down to it?

    Finally, were the models with trems all semi-hollow too? If so, how does that work?!?

    Thanks in advance for your insights! Pics of purdy ones you got lying around won’t hurt my feelings either!
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    From the Model History page:

    ARTIST SERIES II: 1993 - 1996. Specs similar to Artist Series but with maple bound headstock and fretboard, 22 frets, stop-tail, gold-plated hardware, semi-hollow, PRS tremolo options, leather/hard-shell case.
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    You sure you're not looking for a 10th Anniversary Artist? Because I know a guy...

    I'm thinking that semi-hollow/chambered means that the two sides of the body were routed out hollow before the maple top was applied; but this usually also means that the bulk of the body down the middle (where the pickups, bridge, and tremolo-spring cavity [in the back]) are all basically "solid body" through that center portion. Even the "semi hollow" guitars of today are like this--what's unique to those earlier PRS's, though, is that they didn't have the f-holes in the top. So it's like you have a "secret" semi-hollow, of sorts.
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    Original catalog card about says it all, semi-hollow was an option. I also like that back then, Paul would play each Artist guitar before it went out. My Artist 2 (not semi-hollow)

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    Yeah, semi hollow was just an option.

    These were super reasonable pre COVID pricing.

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