Another newbie introduction


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Feb 3, 2020
I joined today, posted a question already...and then realized many folks post a self-introduction here. (Plus we have to have 3 posts before we can link photos and such!) So here goes:

I'm newly retired, have had an old Ibanez acoustic around most of my life but started playing somewhat seriously around 2003. Bought a Takamine acoustic, a friend of a friend happened to come over and he played some beautiful finger-style stuff on my new toy. Hearing leads in my head, I ran for my old beater guitar, laid down some lines and the hook was set hard, forever. A month or so later, he brought tons of gear to my house New Years' Eve, with a plan for the 2 of us to play a harmonized version of Auld Lang Syne VERY loud in my garage for the neighborhood to (enjoy?) Too much fun - since that night, I've never paused from playing guitar for longer than a week.

And of course, I've gathered a few more instruments since then! But I just got my first PRS last month, a 10-top burst 2009 Ted McCarty SC245 with Santana headstock and soapbars - and I absolutely love everything about it.

I play mostly rock and blues and, now with much more time than ever before, can play quite regularly with others who either have or can make the time. Loving life!
Welcome to the forum. That Ted is quite a way to burst onto the PRS scene. Fantastic guitars!