1. J

    594 Solid Body vs Semi-Hollow

    Please only contribute if you have had a chance to play both. Trying to keep the thread clean. Thanks! I am currently considering getting a 594. I love the feel and overall warmer tone of shorter scale guitars but have struggled with how bassy/muddy the neck pickup can sound. For reference I...
  2. voidSurfr

    New PRS Announcements

    Hey all, my first post! I'm thinking of buying the McCarty 594 Singlecut in the coming months. I had my heart set on the Dark Cherry Sunburst but it appears they've sold out and won't be making more :( so, my questions are: 1) When does PRS typically announce new stuff? Maybe January of...
  3. Broseph

    NGD S2 594 love

    I really like the asymmetric carve on the S2 series. It feels more comfortable to me than the CE, SE, or core lines with no digging in my arm when playing! I had an itch to get a 594 again and opted for a discounted S2 version over the core due to the carve (and sure i like saving $1600 over a...
  4. E

    McCarty 594 Gig Bag/Case Options - What’s Everyone Using?

    So I absolutely abhor the idea of hauling the paisley case to every gig and practice; it’s a tank and the tolex too nice to beat up like that. What’s everyone hauling their 594’s in? I have a nylon PRS gig bag that came with my Vela, and I know the slightly more plush gig bags that the silver...
  5. tyfu20

    Incoming NGD.....Friday buzzed addition (Update)

    When you wake up in the middle of the night and see your low ball offer was accepted on the Verb. Got me a 2017 McCarty Burst Paul's Guitar coming in.
  6. A

    Happy New Gear Day! Well it was a happy NGD… until I took pics Stoked to have gotten this one off 594 thinline in surf green until while I was taking these pics I dropped my silicone encased phone on the guitar while trying to...
  7. Stewart Ross

    Locking tuners for ‘97 McCarty

    Hey guys, I’m new to the PRS world and have my first PRS, a ‘97 McCarty coming my way tomorrow. The only thing I would change about it is put locking tuners on it. Now my question for you ‘90s McCarty owners that have installed locking tuners, who’s had experience with Kluson locking tuners with...
  8. P

    It would be cool if PRS made...

    ... something like a cross between the McCarty Thinline and the Santana. Thin mahogany slab, probably McCarty 594 scale. (Though maybe 24.5 - is there enough difference in that less-than-a-tenth-of-an-inch to hear?) But in the Santana doublecut body which (don't tell anybody) owes a bit to the...
  9. F

    McCarty choked strings - new bridge?

    I have a small issue with my McCarty (stoptail). Years ago, I had replaced the original all-aluminum PRS bridge with the aluminum with brass touchpoints on each string. I was having issues breaking strings with the older bridge. The new bridge fixed the string breakage, but ever since then...
  10. Julian

    McCarty appreciation

    Hey everyone, I just wanted to share an image of my 594 in good lighting. Please feel free to share you beloved vintage beasts.
  11. 2ManyGuitars

    Records on how many of each model were made?

    Hello! I'm wondering if there's any records regarding how many of each model were made? Back story - I had a 1990's McCarty that I sold back in 2008 in a moment of complete stupidity. I finally replaced it with a 2000 model in Tri-color sunburst. I haven't seen many Tri-color for sale and it...
  12. adamcadamc

    What is this guitar? Custom 22? Special order McCarty Anniversary?

    Hello everyone, I'm new to this forum. Many moons ago when I was in full on band mode I bought this guitar from a Guitar Center on an impulse when my band was on tour. It was in 2005 I think, which makes sense based on the serial number - 5 92874. In any event, might sound dumb, but I never...
  13. M

    McCarty S2 fire burst red singlecut

    Hello, hope everyone is doing well. I have a question, i'm interested in buying a PRS s2 mccarty singlecut in the colour fire burst red. But no PRS dealer near me (I live in Belgium) has this guitar in stock. So i'll have to order it or buy online. But I can't find any photo's of the actual...
  14. vrdl87

    The Birds Behind The Famous PRS Bird Inlays (McCarty 594 love affair)

    I've had my McCarty 594 for about a week now, and in the euphoria I decided to make a YouTube-video about the beautiful birds behind the bird inlays. The music is made with the guitar itself, of course ;) Enjoy!
  15. vrdl87

    NGD McCarty 594

    First of all - thank you to all who contributed to my thread «». You made the wait more fun! And, last but not least, a shoutout to my amazing wife for gifting me this beauty of a guitar. This is...
  16. Moondog Wily

    NSD - "Seeds We Sow"

    Newest new song day for Moondog Wily was the release of "Seeds We Sow". I wrote this song in March of 2018 and decided a couple of weeks ago, it would be the next release. So I figured out the parts, recorded it, mixed it, made the artwork and released it via bandcamp and distrokid. So let it be...
  17. Vazzy

    NGD: Mccarty 594 Hollowbody II

    Hi all, This is about a year late but I have been meaning to add this guitar for a NGD for a while now so please respect my lateness This is a beautiful Mccarty 594 Hollowbody II that has quickly become my favorite guitar. It sounds very sweet and beautiful, plays incredibly, looks...
  18. Patrick Montgomery

    NGD - McCarty 594 SC Semi-Hollow Artist Package

    So today I pulled the trigger on a guitar I had been wanting for a few months - a 2020 McCarty 594 SC Semi-Hollow with Artist Package in River Blue. On the way home I wondered how to explain it to my wife. When I got home I showed her the guitar and told it was new. She didn’t believe me because...
  19. Going Modal

    Your favorite/preferred guitar(s) for Narrowfield pickups?

    For those of you who have or have tried Narrowfield pickups, in which format do you think they've really excelled? (I'm generally referring to the already-existing "57/08" NF's; although if anybody's gotten their hands on these new 2021 ones, feel free to speak up about them.) I've been lucky...
  20. shimmilou

    NGD - 2020 S2 McCarty 594 Thinline - McCarty Tobacco Burst

    I am a few NGDs behind, but this very recent addition is such a great guitar. Also have the S2 594 DC, with maple top, which is a fantastic guitar (love it), but like the all mahogany thinline even better. While the two guitars sound similar, both play extremely well, the thinline has a bit...