And another. Lol! This time a CU22 LTD


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Feb 15, 2013
Working out (struggling with) some new lines I copped from the great George Benson. Some clams, but some good parts too. The guitar is one of the easiest playing I have ever owned, and thinking of throwing some 11s on it to make it a bit harder! One of my favorite PRSs ever. Thanks for checking it out.

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nice phrasing and feel--lol at making it harder--to do that just buy a Gibson instead.

You should shoot some videos, you could get famous.
Thanks for checking it out, and glad you liked it. Funny about the Gibsons. They are putting out some really nice guitars these days as well I have to say. The PRSs just always sound better to me. Great time for us players!
Thanks for listening again. Its straight into a Bruno Cowtipper 35 1/12 combo with a G65 heritage speaker. I am using a small fender Xtra hvy pick. The treble is at 2 Oclock, bass at 10 oclock and mids at noon. SM57 mic and I used my Roland BR900 recorder.
Man, I want to dim the lights, pour a nice scotch and listen to you for hours! Those chops are sooooooooo tasteful!
Thanks for checking it out., and I am really glad you liked it!