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Huber Breese Music

Local Michigan music store, 51 years and counting!
Authorized PRS Dealer
Apr 3, 2024
Fraser, Michigan
Hello everyone! I would like to introduce myself and the dealer I represent here in Fraser, Michigan! I'm Jeff and I work for Huber Breese Music. We are a family owned brick and mortar store that was established in May of 1972. We specialize in a majority of the big brands and their Custom Shop lines, along with acoustic and percussion instruments. I myself have not been with the company since it opened (I'm a bit younger than the store) but I've been an employee here for a while now. I do sales, social media, and a bunch of other tasks the help the business run. Although Huber Breese is not a Private Stock dealer at the moment, we do order a lot of great core models and have some amazing used PRS guitars too.

I've grown to really love the PRS line. I'm constantly impressed by the quality, the sound, and what the company represents. I have sold many PRS guitars to my customers and stand behind them with confidence. It wasn't until now that I realized there was a forum lol.

If you've ever shopped with us, leave a comment below and say hi! OR if you haven't shopped with us, next time you're in the area stop by! We'd love to meet you!

I will post some cool photos of our PRS products as they come in over time ;)

Our website and social media:
Huber Breese Music Facebook
Huber Breese Music Instagram

One of my favorite new arrivals: 594 10-Top in Yellow Tiger

Yesterday's arrival: Custom 24 10-Top in Purple Iris
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