Abysmal customer service :(

Wow.....I'm sorry but that guy should be fired, and the guy who hired him. The fact a person like that, with that kind of service, is in a position to represent a company as loved and appreciated by its customers as PRS, is honestly a bit pathetic. No doubt in all our minds that should've been handled significantly better for you. I also appreciate the fact that you communicated and addressed the issue the entire time with respect, and even politely suggested possible solutions to the problem. This bonehead clearly doesn't know the first thing about proper customer service, and I'd bet almost anything this is a younger guy with a bit of complex about his position and/or authority (even if it is minor) in decision making for these issues. He didn't even ATTEMPT to be helpful. And as you eluded to, this isn't a Fender Squire we are talking about here (I only use that reference because it was my first guitar, no offense to Squire fans 😉). You paid thousands of dollars for that axe, and his only solution is to spend hundreds more for parts you obviously don't need. Man, I really hope this is not a reflection of what's going on behind the scenes in that company. If you haven't already, you should contact a supervisor there above him, and send them that conversation as a respectful yet confused customer. We all like to think of PRS as being better than that.
Okay, Karen...