2024 McCarty 594 - 2023 10th Anniversary McCarty 594 Compared


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Apr 6, 2024
I am looking at the 2024 model as it now has the USA pickups and electronics. My question is whether there is somewhere that shows the comparison between the two in terms of specs? I am wondering why with a limited run of only 1000 10th Anniversary guitars there are still so many new ones for sale on various vendor sites? And to follow up on that, if the two models are basically identical, and given the large number of 10th anniversary models still available, whether I would best off with one of those assuming the vendors will be discounting them in preparation for the arrival of the 2024 models.
I should note that I believe one difference is the cuban mahogony neck on the 10th anniversary. On it's own that wouldn't matter to me.
Mother of Pearl birds is nice for the 10th
You will still see 10th annys rolling thru this year. It takes a while for PRS to hit that 1000 number. Of the 2 options I would go on pure looks of the birds. But by all means A/B them if you have the option
Given the jumber of guitars produced @PRS maryland I assume it will take them more than a year to fill that order. 1000 is hardly a limited run.

And the MOP birds are a great touch. I find it weird that some of the higher end SE have abalone birds (too flashy for me), but the S2 line has acrylic. Somehow it is a marker of quality for me, those stupid, little pieces of seashell.