2016 McCarty 594 or 2002 McCarty HBII (both 10 tops)?

2016 McCarty 594 or 2002 McCarty HBII?

  • McCarty 594

    Votes: 3 42.9%
  • McCarty HBII

    Votes: 4 57.1%

  • Total voters


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Jan 19, 2024
Hi all! Long time lurker finally making my first post. Long story short, I have the option to pick one of these two in a possible trade, but not both. I have a PRS Studio from 2011 and love the neck and everything about it. Thinking both about keeping whichever I pick, but resale does matter just in case I need to. Both don't have original hang tags. I personally play a range of stuff from jazz to more modern metal. I don't have a hollowbody in my collection, so that weighs in favor, but I am trading a les paul in the trade, so I like the idea of having a McCarty solidbody replacement. Basically posting to get people's thoughts to see if there is an obvious winner, or just go with whatever feels better.

Go With The Bed Guitar For Sure. N use Filling A Void With A Bad Playing Guitar. All Things Equal, I Would Go HB. They Handle Far More Musical Styles Than One May Initially Think. Good Luck!
I voted for the 594. That natural top is fantastic. I also went with the 594 because you are not going to get metal tones from the HB. You will get closer with the 594 and it will do the jazz tones as well. I am one that believes that a PRS HB should have a piezo system in it. Both of mine have it. It really makes the guitar a versatile instrument. I have also seen that selling a PRS HB without the piezo takes longer.