2001 Prs SC 10 top phase III tuner upgrade


New Member
Aug 28, 2022
I’ve had this guitar about 10 years and always wanted locking tuners. Was concerned about the older style headstock being thinner than the new prs’s . Wanted to use phase iii’s but didn’t want to see the outlines of the old vintage tuners. Almost went with the new locking vintage tuners, but I just prefer the phase iii’s . A saw a post earlier on here where a guy used these little cover plates to cover the old outline lines of the vintage tuners on his silver sky when he upgraded. So I found some on reverb. Thought I was getting nickel but actually got black (didn’t read the listing carefully). But now I think I prefer the black. It’s funny how the top original tuners weren’t put on exactly straight so now these aren’t. I didn’t want to risk messing up anything by redrilling holes , although I might give it a shot if it bothers me in the future. Thickness wise, I don’t think the plates made a difference. The minor 1 mm of difference in the post height doesn’t change anything . You might have to zoom in to see the plates. What do you all think? The phase iii’s are so smooth! So nice to have locking tuners too!