string gauge

  1. S

    Strings on guitar with Floyd Rose

    Hello, I have a new Custom 24 Floyd (got it last month) and I want to buy some strings in case I have a string that breaks. As I have no experience with a Floyd Rose (but watched some tutorials to learn how to restring the guitar), I want to keep the exact same string gauges in order not to...
  2. J

    First Fret Is Dead

    A few months back I got a used 2018 PRS SE Zach Myers. It was in great shape and played well, but was strung with 11's. They were new and sounded great so I played them a couple of times, but this last weekend I decided I had to change them to my normal string gauge (9's). As soon as I started...
  3. Micky!

    D standard / drop C vs string gauge

    I recently play my CE22 in std D or drop C. I first played with 10-46, it sounded good but the tension was very low, especially in drop C. So I switched to 11-49. The tension is back to normal but I am less happy with the way the CE sounds. The bass are way too present. I optimized my sound by...
  4. P

    String guage change on a stoptail

    Hi guys I've recently purchased a 20th ani singlecut which has solid stoptail. The guitar is currently set up with 9's but I wana go 10's to match my other guitars. Im wondering if its worth changing it out for a adjustable acc-4005 as it will give me a bit more flexibility when it comes to...
  5. J

    String guages for 30th Anniversary PRS SE Custom

    Hello, I'm new here and this is my first post, so be gentle. I purchased a used PRS SE Custom and it came with no info on the size of strings that are on the guitar. Can anyone let me know the string guage size for this model? Thanks in advance for the replies.
  6. A

    Using Heavy Strings on an SE ?

    I am about to get my first SE (Custom 22 semi-hollow). I use heavy-ish flat-wound strings : 13-17-21-28-39-53. I have three questions: 1. Are the holes in the fixed-intonation bridge large enough for strings of that diameter? 2. Are there likely to be intonation problems? (I see the bridge...
  7. C

    Heaviest string gauge for Custom 24

    I have been using Ernie Ball Slinky Cobalts 10-46. Would like to tune down a whole step, and if it would work down to Open C. At what gauge would I have to modify the nut? Thanks
  8. B

    Has anyone strung their PRS SE with a set of 12's?

    Hi, I'm thinking about using 12's (Ernie Ball Not Even Slinky 12-56) on my PRS Tremonti Custom SE. I'd like to know if anyone has tried to do this, if so, what kind of changes have you had to make to accommodate such a heavy gauge, what changes do you recommend? - Billy