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    Best amps for blues

    Duncan amps are from the 80s right?
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    The "Official Silver Sky" Thread

    I tried to make light of the situation lol, it does look bad but I've seen worse looking out there.
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    Soldering Iron Recommendations?

    Pen, whats a good desolder one?
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    NGD! SE Paul's Guitar

    It's a great looking piece, what dealer was it?
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    So, let’s say I wanted to turn a McCarty into a progressive metal machine..

    google Merlin pickups , it's a polish company...fantastic pickups and very reasonable pricing. Translate the page to english and contact the owner. I bought the PAF set and it's fantastic...saved me $400 vs other guys
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    The "Official Silver Sky" Thread

    That is not too terrible looking, but not my cup of tea on a guitar that expensive..
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    Soldering Iron Recommendations?

    I have never soldered before, but I'm thinking about buying a really cheap squier to practice on. Iron and solder recommendations? I'll have to learn how to break the solder connections also
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    NGD PRS Starla X

    thanks Gents
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    NGD PRS Starla X

    First impressions: I'm totally blown away by the quality of the guitar. I've played on the newer Gibson Les Paul Special TV Yellow with a similar sort of a neck and P-90's but the price you have to spend to get the quality that PRS was already offering and for much cheaper's...
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    Best amps for blues

    Checking it out, the blues cube hot is interesting too...but the capsules they offer for Eric Johnson and Robben Ford are the cost of a new amp almost! Nextone is def a better buy
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    Best amps for blues

    It's funny you mention that because I see a lot of these out on the used market and I was wondering what the deal was. Usually Roland doesn't put out crappy stuff. I'm still learning guitar but I've been a guitar gear junkie for a while. Focusing more on playing/tone now.
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    What happened to the 245 trend?

    what makes them such a hit?
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    SE Pickups

    There are some SE pickups that are simply just incredible out there, esp being made in korea.
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    NGD: Private Stock Semi-Hollow DC 594 Triple Soapbar!

    Congrats to you, if I had the 7-10k for a private stock ... I'd be with tears of joy also! Enjoy those the tone.
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    Upgraded Custom Tremonti SE: fair price range in your opinion.

    Mira X would be a nice change for you!