Your fav PRS artist

I got to go with Zach Myers from Shinedown. Honorable mention would be Clint Lowery from Sevendust.
Mark Tremonti and Myles Kennedy! I vote for a Myles Kennedy signature model! All if favor? he's a phenomenal player
Cody Kilby is down to earth and a great player. When it comes to flatpicking he is second to none.
For pure synchronicity, tonight it's (apparently) Kurt Allison. A long day at work, directly to XPRS, home by midnight - pour a Makers 46 and sit down to watch Letterman. Musical guest is Jason Aldean and all of a sudden I'm like, who the *hell* is that dude playing a JA-15??? Very cool.
John McLaughlin is amazing. If you missed him friday night, you missed an inspirational session.
Gotta go with the guys from Karnivool , drew goddard and mark hosking
also joining forces for mr mike einziger , opeth and porcupine tree

btw first post here , big PRS love :)
There wasn't a single artist at the Experience that wasn't cool, down to earth, generous with their time and wiling to share their knowledge. It's tough to pick a fav, but David Grissom and Bernie Marsden are at the top of the heap. David's amp clinics were a thing of beauty for a gigging guitarist.
Yea, I was wondering why Davy wasn't listed. I agree, Davy is an incredible talent. First saw him when he was 19 with Ross and Adam on a CBS morning show. Usually I snore through the artists they introduce, but these guys "got the blues right." For a bunch of young British guys they blew me away and Davy's guitar playing was incredible even then. A few weeks later my son and I caught the Slam at the 8X10 in Baltimore and got a chance to talk with them. Davy was, and still is, one of the most humble people you could eveer meet. At the time he was playing a Strat and we were at the Birchmere when Paul gave him his own guitar on stage. If you haven't checked him out, in any configuration, do yourself a favor and give him a listen. He's an excellent songwriter, as well.
My favorites would be Uncle Ted, and Brent Mason..Two completely different genres, but both are amazing guitarists!!
Fave PRS players for me are Carlos Santana, Alex Lifeson, Mark Tremonti and Dicky Betts. Fave PRS amp players are Derek Trucks and Warren Haynes, but he only uses them with his solo band. There are numerous great guitar players moving to PRS now as well... it's hard to keep up with them all.
Gotta be Pete Dale. He's had more PRS than all those guys put together except maybe PRSh.

Ah, shucks, thanks! I don't know if I consider myself a PRS Artist, more of a PRS appreciator, but I must say I was very proud to rock a PRS at the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame last month! (At an event sponsored by Gibson!) ;)

Probably true re me having more PRS than most PRS Artists, up to 56 now over the past four years, with two more on order!! :D

I can't believe no one has mentioned Simon McBride yet. He ROCKS! Just listened to his new album today, it is great!

Beyond that for me the PRS players that have had the biggest impact for me with regards to PRS appreciation have been:

Mark Tremonti (without him I would have never bought my first PRS!)
Carlos Santana (also helped put PRS on the map for me)
Myles Kennedy (two awesome guys in one band rocking PRS's - too cool!)
David Grissom (great musician, and awesome Signature model!)
Howard Leese (great guy, showed BrianC and I a great time with the Paul Rodgers band in Chicago earlier this year!)
Davy Knowles (great to have a young up-and-comer with roots in bluesy rock!)
Orianthi (good role model for my kids to get into music!)

Also just learning all the country bands and guitarists, my family has gotten into country lately, unbelievable how many guitarists in country use PRSi. Watched the CMA's this year, I think there were more PRSi than Gibson and Fender combined!
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Porcupine Tree and Opeth are the closest in line with me musically. But I love listening to Santana and John McLaughlin talk about music and life. PRS's talk with John at EXP the morning after he performed was magically inspiring.
There are so many, so I'll just list friends.....

1 Kirk McKim & Pat Travers

2 Howard Leese

3 Tremonti.....Grissom......Nicky.....

4 Honorable mention.......Frankie Clarke a.k.a. "Casper's Master"

5 Boy do I miss........" Hi my name is Johnny Hiland!!!"