Your fav PRS artist

Mark Tremonti is my favorite. He walks up to you, shakes your hand, and looks you in the eye during a coversation. Even though he has been asked the same gear and song questions over and over, he really is interested in what his fans have to say. I met him at a Meet and Greet at Wildwood Music in Colorado in May. It was scheduled for two hours before a Creed show that night in Denver. During the course of the two hours, there were 20-30 people who came and went. Most just wanted signatures and to shake his hand. Mark stayed the entire time and talked those of us who really enjoyed his tech talk, advice, or anything that came up. He was never too busy to sign something (anything), do quick interviews and still gets excited when he sees his signature models on the wall. he had to try out one uniques orange-colored one. It was an inspiration just to be around him.
I also sat next to Nicky Moroch on a plane from Denver to Tucson. He was touring with Al Jarreau and David Sanborn. Nicky too is a great guy and easy to talk to with no pretense, just a love for the instrument.
I like Carlos Santana, Howard Leese, and Davy Knowles.

I like Tim Mahoney also but I really don't have one favorite.
Even though some of these guys don't play PRS exclusively - here are my favorites that do play PRS:

Joe Walsh, Neal Schon, Tom Johnston, David Grissom, Howard Leese, Kurt Allison, Alex Lifeson, Brent Mason, Bruce Kulick, and Pat Travers.

It was Alex Lifeson's interview years ago for some guitar magazine that first made me familiar with PRS guitars. He mentioned that PRS is the only guitar that is set up correctly, right out of the box. My brain interpreted that as: PRS=Quality Guitar
I have 3.. one of which is no longer with PRS, unfortunately.

Mark Tremonti
Clint Lowery (Has a signature model coming this winter)
Dan Donegan
I guess Zach Myers posted something on FB for his legion to come rep their opinion hahahaha :)