Where to get white parts for 594?


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Mar 7, 2013
SW Florida
Does any one know where to get white (not creme) parts for a Core 594? I'm looking for pickup rings, switch tip, volume/tone knobs and (Phase III) tuning keys. The only parts that are at the PRS store that come close are the pearloid tuning keys. I didn't find much on Reverb either.

Here's the guitar (dealer photo) that's going to get the parts :


I bought the guitar a few months ago and wanted to wait until I was sure it was a keeper before changing anything. It turned out to be a fantastic guitar, surpassing my expectations, which were already pretty high. It has a satin finish on the body and neck and smoked black hardware. I could just get black knobs to make everything match, but that's would be too classy. I'm looking for more "fun" than "classy". I think white will do the trick and it will match the binding and nut.

Feel free to share your photos of seafoam guitars with white or other non-black/creme parts.
Those tuner buttons look great, thanks. One down, 3 to go. I think I can find a generic switch tip and some knobs somewhere (not necessarily PRS parts).

I have not been able to locate any ivory/white pickup rings, though. I found in a couple of threads here and here where some 594s came with the ivory rings, but no sign of them in any store anywhere. The ones on the 594 are slanted and the neck & bridge are different sizes.
Yep. I bought some ivory rings from them and they were exactly as described.