Changing pickups in a core series ‘23 594 single cut and have some questions..


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Feb 6, 2024
Are the white wires that go to the push pull pots connected to the pickups themselves? I’ve unsoldered the braided grounds from the pot casings and each corresponding wire that goes to the pot lugs, but am unsure if the white wires that go to the push pulls need to be disconnected before the pickups are removed.

Looking ahead a little. I’d also love some input on how to properly wire in the new bare knuckles I have too. The colour codes are:

Red-north start
Green-north finish
Black-south start
White-south finish

If I want everything to function the same as with the stock pickups, how should these be wired up? I’m suuuuper new at this and have next to no electronics knowledge, so please bear with me 😊
There is a two humbucker diagram or two on this site. It looks like the green wire is the tap and red is the hot on these.