What grade top would you consider this C24?


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Apr 17, 2022
Hi guys new here, I’ve owned this C24 for about 3 years. The spec was my dream guitar and has blown away even my high expectations.

I’m not going to give any spec details until I get acouple guess’s from you guys, but I found some interesting information about this guitar recently that made me want to make this post.

Let me know what grade top you think this is: Standard, 10-top, Artist, private stock (here’s a hint it’s definitely not this one lol)

I’d personally grade it a solid 10 top, but given the separate post about it I’m guessing it was graded standard.
Definitely looks like some sort of Wood Library run. Although, Wood Library can have all ranges of tops from non-10 to 10 to Artist.

If I were to guess, it looks Artist to me from the highly uniformed figuring. But without being able to see the depth in person, it's hard to tell for sure.
If the case is original I’m gonna go with Artist or Wood Library to shake things up.
this guy knows his stuff!!! It’s a Wood library but graded a 10-top - artist package case and hardware were part of the dealers pick i guess during the build

Brazilian rosewood fretboard and headstock veneer
MOP Birds
Bone nut
Hardware hybrid
Picks ups 58/15LT

Edit (more info): I thought it was an artist because of the case lol didn’t know it couldn’t be an artist and a 10-top only found that out recently…thought I’d trip some people up the same way I was but you nailed it
Nice. Same specs as my DGT…..
Great minds think alike :D

What finish did you get? Nothing beats a PRS lol I’ve had so many guitars in the past and everyone told me stay away from PRS “it’s art not an instrument”…buuulllshiiit it’s both and it’s the best of both imo