cu 24

  1. W

    What grade top would you consider this C24?

    Hi guys new here, I’ve owned this C24 for about 3 years. The spec was my dream guitar and has blown away even my high expectations. I’m not going to give any spec details until I get acouple guess’s from you guys, but I found some interesting information about this guitar recently that made me...
  2. Moondog Wily

    NGD! Birtha Luna Bluvi

    Hi, my name is Wily and I'm an addict ;~(( My first hit was on Feb 4, 2021, and on March 09, 2021, my second hit arrived. A third is on layaway! Help me Obe Wan, you are my only hope! This new guitar (a 24 CU Violet Blue Burst) has been christened Birtha Luna Bluvi. Translation is as follows...
  3. EdSevered

    I want one... CU 24 Sandblasted

    Haven’t seen one of these before. I want one. Listing says only EU & UK.
  4. C

    Is 35th Anniversary Custom 24 a limited edition and should I buy it asap?

    I hope this is not a stupid question, is each PR anniversary version limited edition (production stopped)? If I miss the one from this year, do I have to wait another 5 years to buy the 40th anniversary CU24? I can probably grab one now but I spent a bit too much on gear this year. I am...
  5. J

    1988 CU 24 - pickup replacement. Other update (mods) suggestions.

    I would like to replace the CU 24 original pickups with Semoure Duncan SH2 jazz and SH4 JB pickups. I purchased this guitar in 1989, have always loved it, and this the only update ever made to it. I'm experienced with soldering techniques but have never worked on a guitar. SD has no wiring...