Tremol-No Knock on Dive Release


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Jan 14, 2020
So I’m new to PRS guitars! Having been a gibson LP guy my whole life, I recently accepted a trade on my Rockerverb 50 for this beautiful whale blue 1997 PRS Custom 22 10 Top. This guitar is marks, scratches or dings anywhere! I think I’m in love

I searched around if I could find anyone with this issue with no luck. I had my luthier install a tremol-no, and I set it to dive only. It works perfectly, except when I release the bar, it springs back on the "stop" and makes a knocking sound. Is this normal? It’s enough that you hear it through true amp clearly.
It looks to be installed correctly to me...

Any help is appreciated!
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I’m assuming the photo links are not working as I’m a new member today?
I’m assuming the photo links are not working as I’m a new member today?
I think you have to have a certain number of posts before they allow pics, 10 maybe? I can't remember. Also, using a hosting site is a must. I like Imgur.

I can't help with an answer for you, but I thought I'd at least put up your pic so maybe someone else might be able to help you.
Not having used that I can't say, but I know that when I received my Silver Sky it would "knock" and it turned out that the tremolo was slipping off the knife edge of the screws. Once I restrung it and made sure the knife edge was sitting in the groove of the screws there was no more knock.
turned out that the tremolo was slipping off the knife edge of the screws.
This is definitely the Tremol-no...I backed off the set screw stop a little and it fixed it (which defeats the purpose of having one)
It’s not a deal breaker, just odd that this would be normal by design
Normal. The bridge comes to a hard stop based on where the little piece is set on the Tremol-No. Should be okay if you're gentle, but it'll knock like hell if you go Hendrix and bang on the bar.

It may help to move the stop point back a teeny bit so that under gentle trem use it doesn't knock and you shouldn't go noticeably out of tune if you break a string or tune drop D, etc.
I only found the it useful for locking the bridge. NEVER could get it set up without having the clunking.
I’ll admit I’ll likely rarely use the tremolo, but it fills the gap where my LP couldn’t.
If it becomes a nuisance I’ll likely do the same.
Welcome. Please by all means use that trem!!!! Trems make all your dreams come true!

Just to be clear.....this is not your last prs.
I had one of those attached to a Floyd Rose trem and it knocked. Was irritating at first but I got used to it.
Welcome to the forum. We’d sure love to see some photos of the business side of your guitar, when you can.
Here’s a few:






Yeah that’s rad, you shouldn’t be having any issues with a PRS trem set up properly.

What was the reason for installing the tremel-no?

Apologies if you’ve already said why, I re-read the thread and couldn’t see what the reason for you having it attached.