Trem making a clicking noise


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Dec 9, 2012
Hi new here so be gentle

My tremolo is making a clicking noise and PRS Custom 24 keeps going out of tune

Strings Ernie Ball Titanium Coated 08's

any ideas?

Hi Steve, welcome! First things first, unless you know what you're doing, please resist the urge to touch it.

There's no reason why a properly adjusted trem should "click" when used. It's possible the knife edge has popped out of the recess in the trem screws.

Are you adept at setting up guitars? If not, take it to a luthier and have them check it over. The main thing with PRS trems is making sure all the spring/string tension is relieved before making any adjustments.

There's setup guides and videos online if you're handy with tools/ruler/gap gauges. Good luck, Justin
Are you sure the clicking is not from the nut area? If the nut is not cut properly the strings may be getting caught in the nut and producing that noise when moving the tremolo.

However i find it hard that this is the case as you are running thinner than standard strings.

Can also be the springs in the back.
A couple of things come to mind. 1) one or more of the fulcrum screws are too high and the knife edge is slipping off he screw causing the clicking sound. 2) The wrap on your strings is too high on the saddle and is sitting in the groove (instead of behind the saddle groove) and the wrap is sliding across one of the transition points on the saddle.