The Official Carlos Santana thread. (The place for all things Carlos)

by the way ... There's a gorgeous Cherry Westie on the 'verb now at reasonable current market .. I'm sure it won't last long ... Lovie's ...
RE: you have been very...........busy? .......prolific??
I have been crazy busy with my new Gig . It's totally energized my life, getting to play every week with new , and old friends live.

Carlos is among the last of my heroes still on this plane, he has long been my Spiritual Music icon , growing up in the SF bay area . Between Carlos and Jerry my fate in beautiful melodic playing and great tone and instruments/gear was sealed since the early 60's .
Greywolf, great that you have the new Gig. I can definitely appreciate the energizing the life.

And I think there are a lot of us who have elevated Carlos to more then just a guitar hero. Long after Woodstock, Abraxis, and S III, when he was migrating to the more experimental, Jazz influenced period I was spending hours a day driving, covering a 3 state business territory. It was a very rare occurrence that something other than Santana was in the cassette deck. From Caravanserai to Moonflower, and beyond, as his music changed so did my tastes. I will never know the extent to which it was cause and affect vs. coincidence. Nor does it matter. And it needs to be mentioned that this was music consumed and appreciated purely for what it was, Spiritual Music, to be consumed as such. I did not own a guitar.
So is Carlos's pickup switch usually up or down?

Does he get his signature tone more from the bridge pickup or the neck pickup?
It mostly matters if his tone knob is down or farther down.
I do that too. That's how I get that "OW" sound. Mostly on the bridge pickup for me tho.

But the JB Model Archer from Rockett has given me a new neck pickup soloing sound I didn't have before.

Carlos sounds like he's using a Tubescreamer sometimes.
Carlos just uses his amps ( Dumble, Boogie, PRS) and a switcher , the amps are usually dimed and he uses his minimal controls to adjust things . Depending on his choices, there are times it's sonically tough to tell what pickup he's dialed in ..per Mr. PRS himself...