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@Greywolf thank you for all of these opportunities to waste time away when I should be doing something else more constructive! At a minimum when I could be practicing. Should be practicing.

These two last YT videos are obviously from different eras, based on Clapton's appearance. Somehow, way back during the file "sharing" period, I ended up with an mp3 titled, "Eric Clapton and Carlos Santana - Very Rare 24 min Live Jam - Instrumental(2).mp3". I have always wondered where that was from. the date on the file is 2003, so I have been wondering this for 20 years. One of life's great mysteries solved!
just had to share this sweetheart
@Greywolf you have been very...........busy? .......prolific??

@Lewguitar, look at the size of his pick in this. There are a couple shots where you can see it very well. It's huge!!! I don't have a clue what kind it is. but it looks different than what you showed a picture of. Obviously, Carlos likes a monster size pick.
Among other times, you can see it very well at 0:35.
RE: you have been very...........busy? .......prolific??
I have been crazy busy with my new Gig . It's totally energized my life, getting to play every week with new , and old friends live.

Carlos is among the last of my heroes still on this plane, he has long been my Spiritual Music icon , growing up in the SF bay area . Between Carlos and Jerry my fate in beautiful melodic playing and great tone and instruments/gear was sealed since the early 60's .

My equipment and style have always had their roots in those amazing , benevolent souls.

I've started writing new songs again .. Of course the Westie now completes the connection