The Official Carlos Santana thread. (The place for all things Carlos)

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Mar 10, 2015

Carlos Santana, Born in Autlan, Jalisco, Mexico in 1947, he came up from the fertile San Francisco music scene to become one of the worlds most recognizable musical artists. Carlos is not only one of my favorite musicians, but my first guitar teacher (*just learning from his recordings:p) and the man who really put PRS on the map.

I will be adding vids and info to this thread on a periodic basis.

Another great video.

Since this was made, I can only imagine that “son of salmon” probably won’t get into the EU without a struggle, now the new CITES laws are in operation.

Carlos collaborates. Along with the many artists Carlos has recorded with, he also lives for open musical exchanges in live settings. It's something he's done since the beginning of his career and one of the best things in musical art, great musicians coming together to make beautiful sounds.
Carlos speaks!!

Straight from the root, Carlos got his big start at Woodstock and whenever he speaks, mystical words come out.:D Many of his interviews are legendary for his unique references and cosmic/hippie/freejazz/onelove philosophy, just makes you want to sit in the lotus position and tune in tune out and spread your beautiful spirit over the galactic musical plane.o_O

This first interview is by far *THE BEST*

... the rest are standard Carlos fare, but is anything he says standard?


Many of the Santana clan are musical, from his bandleader father, to his older brother Jorge of Malo, to Carlos and beyond, they have musical genes.

My favorite Carlos is the Love, Devotion, Surrender ( I think that’s what it was called) album with JM. I love that record!

Although I was equally as excited as I was eventually bummed when Carlos did A Love Supreme when I saw him in concert this past summer. His singer kinda ruined it for me.
I am clearly an idiot for this, but I have yet to take the opportunity to see him perform live.

I have many Santana-related happy memories. He and his music have definitely left a mark on my life and my playing.

Carlos is as vibrant with his attire as he is with his lead guitar solos. With a mix of hippie, chicano, rasta, urban, and pure white from his Guru days, he is never the one to be sedate sartorially, and most of the time, pulls it off very well.

.... well ... most of the time.