The New Wave Appreciation Thread. (Contest Inside!)

I was listening to punk and metal from '79-'83 and I didn't really care for the bands listed above. I'll probably get flamed for this, but I could go the rest of my life never hearing another Talking Heads song and be perfectly happy with that. I did like Devo and early Psychedelic Furs though and I guess they would be considered part of the first wave of New Wave.

I just turned off Carcass to turn on Talking Heads. Tegan and Sara are next.
ROFL I would have thought I'd get flamed for posting them.

I actually still listen to a vast variety of music and it all started around '79. I didn't really like M too much, but I thought Gary Numan was one of the first nerd type performers I'd see in an interview. Being a nerd back then wasn't cool, so at 13, it was pretty cool to see that. At the same time I also picked up Pink Floyd's The Wall when it was released. I then bought every Pink Floyd record I could find. That was my main inspiration on guitar and song writing in general (I like the big theme type stuff). I really think out of the New Wave of that era, I really only liked Missing Persons & Kim Wilde (mostly because singers were hot, and I was newly a teen). I did play a bit of Modern English, Talking Heads, The Cure, INXS, and U2 in first garage band I was in. Like I mentioned, if girls liked them, and we liked girls, we played what they liked. When it was just us jamming without a gaggle of gigglers looking on, we tended to get more into Judas Priest, AC/DC, and Black Sabbath. Struggled with singers on them a quite a bit, and the garage band days wound down and faded into obscurity. Well, we were already in obscurity... but you get the drift.

It's rainy outside and my misery could only be cured with this song....How ridiculous...but I love it!
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I think I have that album. Yep - just checked my database, and I do.

Still love Devo - so glad to see some of that stuff out on DVD. There's a vid of them playing a festival in daylight, and it all works. And I picked up the Fridays DVD set with several Devo performances. I believe I have their SNL performance as well. Can't recall which season at the moment.

Not a huge Talking Heads fan, I'll admit, but "Stop Making Sense" is about as perfect a concert document as I've ever seen. That version of "Heaven" is absolutely gorgeous.

This one is more riding the coattails of new wave than true new wave. It's probably my biggest guilty pleasure.
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