The Immediate Family Movie

I can't wait to see this. Fun fact: Russ Kunkel's son and I were in a band together in high school. He went on to a successful career as an audio engineer. I went on to...whatever this is. :confused:
This should be a must watch for all musicians. These guys are legends and have played on countless songs.
Going to watch it soon.
Watched the documentary last night. A fine, detailed examination of the 'Next Gen Wrecking Crew' in L.A. in that era. A lot of candid photographs of the 'road work' put in by these fine musicians. They found a 'sound' or pocket that complemented the artists they were backing up in the many studio sessions they were hired to do. I need to add that I saw James Taylor with Russ Kunkel and Leland Sklar in Frankfurt, Germany on 7/20/71. Just the three of them, amazingly tight performance.

The movie is technically very well done and edited, with unique transitions between interview segments. By the way, Waddy's 8th note special continuous riff on 'Edge of Seventeen' continues to drive him crazy after all these years. Watch and listen to the most recent Stevie Nick's concert tour and you'll know what I mean. Brutal repetition, night after night.

Highly recommended.

I'm a sucker for documentaries like these, though I haven't caught this one yet. I've always been captivated by musicians and their stories, so this is right up my alley. Planning to dive into it soon, and I'm sure I'll be pleasantly impressed. Also, I’m curious to know your thoughts on the best movies out right now about musicians and their lives. I'm on the lookout for more gems in this genre!
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I recently had the pleasure of mixing a track those guys played on. I posted a thread called, 'Easiest Mix Ever', because it was. What made it easy was that they are so good with dynamics, volume, tone, where to play and where not to. I had an absolute blast.

The song hasn't been released by the artist yet, so I can't post a link to it, but I will when it's OK.