Suggestions for McCarty 594 S 2 PUPS


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Jul 14, 2019
Have a Seymour Duncan in the bridge (not sure which model as I have not taken it out yet), but looking for suggestions for the rhythm pup. Something to compliment the SD. I have a Tremonti SE with Doug Aldrich in both positions, so no need for those, but am curious what others use and the tones they get out of it, purely for the rhythm pup.


Tough to recommend something without knowing exactly what's in the bridge and what type of sound you're after from the neck pickup. That said, the Duncan Jazz is always a popular neck pickup that pairs well with many of their other bridge pickups.
I agree with the above post. We will need more information to be able to answer that question. What type of music do you play? What don't you like about the current pickup? What is the SD in the bridge? What are you trying to get from the neck pickup?
Jazz and 59 are popular SD neck pickups, but like above we need more info to be of any real help.
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