Silver Sky 2021 vs 2022

Donal Farrell

New Member
Mar 28, 2023
Any of you folks notice tone differences between different core models? Obviously there were changes in 2021 and I preferred the neck and taller frets. My 2021 Moc Sand sounds noticeably better than my 2022 Tungsten... I also had a 2021 Gold Mesa that failed against the Moc Sand and was sold. I replaced it with the newer Tungsten as I figured it was just down to the changes PRS made in 2021. But Obviously not‍♂️
I know they made some changes but I thought that was in 2020.
My 18 and 19 do sound a slight bit different but I write that off to different wood ( both sound killer )
It is possible you got a unicorn ( good one ) in your 2021 Moc Sand and the others are just good ones.