SE vs HFS/Bass pups


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Dec 20, 2012
Just NW of Philly, PA
I was going to swap out a set of SE pups for a HFS/Bass set. But before I pull things apart...
Will the height adjusting screws from the SE fit the HFS/Bass set or will I need new hardware?
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I have had the same height adjusting screws across many pickups in my SE Santana. I'm pretty sure they're a standard size, 4-40?
if you get new piuck ups they do come with new screws too. I installed the HFS/Vintage set on my boys SE singlecut along with the USA drop in 3 way with push/pull tone knob. the new pups had screws and springs. I used the USA screws but the SE springs as the USA springs were crazy long and practically impossible to get the screw started as they were also alot stiffer.