SE Hollowbody Piezo Owners - How to quickly switch between piezo and mag sounds?

Jack B

New Member
Jul 24, 2021
Have any of you Hollowbody Piezo owners figured out a way to instantly switch from a piezo sound to an electric sound? The knobs on the guitar are too slow when you need to switch quickly. I need a switch that allows 2 separate inputs to go to two separate outputs and has the ability to instantly switch between them.
If you’ve found a way to do this, could you share your setup?
The guys in Opeth use P24’s. They have both piezo and magnetic pickups active all the time, with both outputs going to a simple foot switch. Simply stomp to switch.
I have mine routed to my Helix Rack. The mag output goes to return 1, the piezo output goes to return 2. Each return is sent to a separate path. I have snapshots setup to switch paths and/or elements within each path. Using my Helix Control I can switch between the two outputs or combine them. It took a little while to setup the little specifics, but now I have an excellent rig to use the guitar to its fullest.