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    Overall, I really like the S2 series. I own a Vela, which I have been promoting and playing on stage and the studio for almost two years. The only thing I changed on it was the tuner buttons..lol. I also recently bought a Custom 22 semi hollow, and it is a great guitar. I put a core bridge on it, and core electronics. I’m considering a pickup change, but I haven’t found enough of a reason to change them...honestly, the 85/15’s sound great. The core bridge, and core electronics smoothed out the tone, and put it right on par with a core model, imho...
    I’m also in the middle of modding a SE One model. I’m putting a Paul’s treble, and a core volume, and mini switch in it. I may go crazy and change the bridge, and tuners on it, but I want to see how the pickup change works out. All three of these guitars I’m discussing, are under 7 lbs, and are extremely resonant. I have several core models, starting with my Studio, my 1st year McCarty, 1st year 408, and my Custom 24. They all have a place in my “toolbox of tone”. I think as a guitarist, you should “diversify your sonic portfolio”. I mostly use my PRSes, but there are times I use others to fill a specific sonic space. Don’t be afraid to experiment..sometimes it’s fun to step outside your comfort zone! Ymmv, of course...
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