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Robben Ford Signature Release Date?

Time to put on East West and The Work Song….. Actually I loved Elvin Bishop’s tone so much more with his ES345. Great player as well….. Mike must of had the treble on his Twin Reverb on 10 with his Tele…. Ouch
I think that's Mike and his Les Paul on those cuts. Elvin did get a great sound tho.

Saw the Butterfield Band at the Elk Temple's Lodge in Detroit. 1967...maybe 1968.

Bloomfield had just quit the band but Elvin was there and he tore it up!

No PA.

Butterfield sang and played through his Twin Reverb amp.

They all had new blackface Fender amps...new in 1967.
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It's hard to get a real Tele lover to give up his Tele, but I'm glad for PRS and for Robben that all 200 were sold.

Paul made Brent Mason a Brent Mason model PRS.

Brent Mason couldn't give up his old Tele either.
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