Report Of The International Advisory Commission of Why Bother.

There's always at least one cable, Les :) We will see how many weeks I will spend troubleshooting my board
I test continuity with a multimeter; you probably do, too. Something must have happened while I was bending it to shape to plug it into the pedals.

The Evidence Monorail is thin solid core wire, which might not be practical for my application. I'm going to go back to stranded cable for its flexibility. I've found some good options.
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The subject reports that the short black opposite-plug Evidence Audio cable between the Suhr Alexa and the tuner immediately died. The subject apparently spent an additional hour determining which cable, in fact, went bad, and replacing it with one of the previously removed cables.

The International Advisory Commission of Why Bother can't make this stuff up!

That would be against the rules. ;)
Under the "like" selections, I selected the face that's laughing, but also crying at the same time. I feel that this is entirely appropriate.
When consulted, the Universal Group dedicated to the Identification, Exploration and Documentation of Leporidae Voids acknowledged and concurred that the efforts and events described in the Report herein is just one minor subset within a vast variety of possible and probable situations and/or scenarios in which various limited, but ultimately personal, resources such as time, money, and labor can, and likely will, be expended and otherwise consumed without commensurate, or even measurable, value being obtained from any difference(s) or advancement(s) noticed or achieved beyond the state(s) that may or may not have existed prior to any act(s) associated with an individual or individuals having descended into a state-of-mind, and or -being, classified as a Rabbit Hole.
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Second Supplemental Report

Working with a vendor, I ordered some cables made by the Dutch company, Grimm, their TPR model. These are actually balanced, stranded cables that can be wired unbalanced for guitar use, like the Van den Hul I used on much of the board. They're shielded quite well, though I'm not certain of their capacitance.

They're supposed to sound similar to the Van den Hul, which I've been happy with for years, so all should be well.

Poking around the internet, it seems that this Grimm cable was developed for Wisseloord Studio in Hilversum, The Netherlands (near Amsterdam).

I've worked at Wisseloord. It's one of the finest studios in the world, with the best, no-holds-barred equipment and rooms. At the time it was owned by Polygram.

So I went with the Grimm cables just because I had such a great time when I booked Wisseloord for sessions! :)

Turns out also that G&H is making some plugs with a thinner profile for pedalboards. I decided to go with those, even though they don't exactly match the larger plugs I'm using.

I'll switch the whole board over to these plugs as time goes on in the interest of saving a little space. For now, however, I want to see how well the cable works.

I'm replacing all of the Evidence Monorail cables that have to flex as the board's upper shelf is opened and closed. I figure that solid core cables aren't really optimal for repeated flexing. I'll keep a few that interconnect to gear on the lower shelf, since nothing has to flex there.

As stated, while I'm not going Full Simon on this board, it'll get tidied up even more when the new cables are installed.
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I figured it'd be fun to share the rooms and some of the stuff at Wisseloord Studio, and found this tour online. To be honest, it barely scratches the surface of what's there. I got a more comprehensive tour when I booked the place. My sessions took about ten days.

Our engineer, Hans, had a great sense of humor, but since this is a family site I'd better not share the story of his questions to me when I checked into the room to get started. I think he was mostly kidding.

Or...maybe not! :eek:

While the control rooms are amazing and sound beyond wonderful, the tracking rooms are even more so. To work in tracking rooms this good is a revelation.

At the end of the video, there's a shot of the outside of the place. The glass-enclosed area you see in the front of the building is actually a gourmet kitchen with a full time chef. It's available only to artists working at the studio, so you'll have to book the place to find out whether you like the cuisine!

It was very easy to feel like a pampered rock star when I booked the place for sessions. ;)

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You are already redoing your board; this is Full Simon. My last board was all complete only for a week ;)
I kinda meant 'Full Simon" as the skill and attention to detail with which you construct on your boards.

You're in the major leagues. I'm strictly in the bush league!