Rechargeable amp/pa Bose ?

Big Owl

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Nov 10, 2023
Kentucky, Oregon and all parts between.
Any of you guys have experience with the Bose S1 pro, or pro + , or equivalent ? Or maybe you know of a better option for me.
Soon, I will be in the wilds for a couple of months with much solitude and time to play. I will have a generator to recharge things. I am a bit afraid of the Pro +, as reviews point out a number of issues with it screeching, shutting down, buttons not working etc. But the Pro, has mostly good reviews.
So any thoughts on a rechargeable amp or speaker ?
Thank You.
I don't have any info on what you are asking for directly, but I did plug a Katana 100w 1x12 combo into my 500w Jackery solar generator. Based on my calculations on what the draw was at the 50 watt setting on the amp, I could get about 15-20 hours of play out of it without recharging from the solar panels.

If you could find a used solar charger for cheap, this might be a good option to explore? Either way, I look forward to anyone chiming in with experience on the S1 Pro.
Hey Tedder thanks for the thoughts. Helpful info.
As for you, Toolmaster, thanks as well, but I have had some Gibson's that were enjoyable. A early 70's Hummingbird, not sure if it was from the Norlin era, but I gigged with it, and it was good. And, I would rather have not given up my '62 ES 335. That really was a sweet guitar.
Been so long, can't compare it to my PRS McCarty, but I'm thinking the Gibson might not come out on top.
Now, back to that rechargeable amp...