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Similar thing happened to me when Bach died.

Via letters I got a couple of months later.

Hey, they didn't have the Pony Express in Silesia in 1750. Air Mail was a guy with a cranky pigeon. The pigeon only flew when the pigeon felt like flying. Which wasn't often.

They tried a parrot, but people got tired of hearing news delivered like, "Rawk, Your mom died, Rawk!"

The town crier was depressed, which was why he was...yeah, the town crier.

Also, mail delivery was slow because they only had one dude who could read the names and addresses, and he was out sick with the pox for three weeks. Not that the mail is much faster now...
Bach to the future
No thank you. The Parker will get the job done I’am sure. Experimentation.
Yeah, it wasn't serious, but the note that the Floyd just does some of those things and other vibratos won't, is totally serious. That doesn't mean you can't play the song, but some vibrato parts will be impossible to replicate exactly.
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