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Aug 23, 1985
Stevensville, MD
Several months ago Premier Guitar Magazine sent us a beat up old CE and wanted to see what we could do with it. What we did was a complete "off the frame restoration", including new pickups, new electronics, V-12 refin on the body and new 'barely there' neck finish, refret, tuner conversion, new bridge, etc. When we completed the project, we shipped it back to them and they were thrilled with the work. The last time I spoke to them, they said they were so happy with the guitar, they might make it the cover. Well guess what? We got it! I am so proud of the PTC crew. Not only are they amazing at their jobs, they are amazing guys and it's a real pleasure being associated with them.

Article is now available online:


Thanks to Ben and the entire Premier Guitar team for giving us this opportunity to show what we can do!
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Best group of people ever - I'm forever grateful for your departments implementation, creative freedom and just friendships in general! Couldnt have happened to a more deserving group of guys.
Thanks Guys

There is a 7 page article inside the magazine with plenty of photos, but it hasn't hit news stands yet and I don't want to steal their thunder by posting pics. I probably shouldn't have posted picture of the cover yet, but I was so excited I got carried away. :) I will post pictures and a link as soon as Premier releases the info to the public.
I would love to have been able to hear the conversations that lead to the creation of PTC. Big congrats on not only creating an outstanding program but blowing minds in the process. Good job PTC dudes!
The world is starting to know what we already know here: PTC Rules. Parabens, camarada. Tell the boys, the Brazilian Fat Fat is very proud!
Nice! And in the only magazine that has printed my picture!

And don't forget, folks - PG puts their magazine up on their site in digital form every month for free.