PRS Videographers?


Drummer With A Guitar Habit
Sep 20, 2013
Earth (Not the flat one.)
Oh no... Quit tempting me. But alas, I am as of yet still an amateur so I shall not apply. But how cool would that be?

So far I've completed the Ron Howard Master Class for being a film director, and I've been working on my side project for a few years now that requires me to film video, record audio and then combine them in movie making software, and then post this stuff to the web sites that I build and host. But I don't feel like I'm good enough to work at PRS guitars. I get the impression that everyone who works there is at the top of their game in their individual diciplines. But looks like a cool gig!
If your portfolio is good enough and you meet the other requirements absolutely go for it. Worst case is you get a no and even with that you may get some career guidance.
It would be very cool! This is probably my dream job. If it was a remote position, with some traveling to the factory, and not based out of Stevensville, I would 100% apply.

Man... You may be right. I should at least apply. I read deeper into the details of what they are looking for and kept thinking I was reading my own resume. Like the time I spent 16 years doing still/portrait photography, which included photographing a lot of professional models with PRS (and other brand) guitars, and knowing all the industry guitar lingo. The ability to write well and so on. Then, I actually play guitar too but I got the impression that it was also okay to suck at playing guitar, so that's totally ME! hahahaha

Some of the things listed in the film making process are not my strongest set of skills and I use different filmmaking and audio recording software than they listed, but in 8 months of fiddling with that stuff, I could become an expert. What the heck... I'll write up a resume from scratch, put together some photo samples and send it in. Like @Prina said, putting together a resume for this and getting rejected will at the very least help me prepare for future application efforts in this field. (I'm kinda tired of the IT field so this might be a lot of fun.)
Did a test run to the factory today to get a reminder of what a daily commute would be like to go to work there every day. Round trip 6&1/2 gallons of gas for a round trip. I think I'd have to rent a room or an RV parking space nearby in order to avoid a daily commute. But then I have responsibilities at my own residence. Plus, a candid look at my current filmmaking and editing efforts, I just don't think that the skillset I have to offer is at PRO level yet. Still too much amateurish for what I imagine they are looking for. All stuff I am interested in and capable of doing but I think right now is a little too early for the coach to put me in the game. Perhaps one day though.
Still wish I would’ve gone out there and applied for a job 20 some years ago like I wanted to do. It’s the one real regret I have.