PRS SE Hollowbody ii Piezo - 58/15 "S" or 58/15 LT "S" Pickups?


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Nov 8, 2022
Hi. I recently purchased a PRS SE McCarty 594 ( 2023 Model Specification) manufactured in 2022 (based on its Cor Tek Indonesia Ennnnnn serial number).

In January, 2023, I purchased a PRS SE Hollowbody ii Piezo (Either 2022 or 2023 Model Specification) manufactured in 2022 (based on its Cor Tek China F20167 serial number).

HELP NEEDED: I am trying to determine whether I have a SE Hollowbody ii Piezo with 58/15 "S" pickups (the 2022 model specification) or 58/15 LT "S" (2023 model specification).

Any ideas?
@markd21 Thank you. Based on your suggestion, googled "58/15 LT pictures" and sure enough, they are labeled. Straightforward enough assuming the pickups are . Good opportunity to replace tuners with locking tuners.
FWIW I JUST picked up my SE Piezo II HB from the shop. It now has PRS 57/08's installed and it sounds GLORIOUS. I also put in a set of the PRS locking tuners and I'm in heaven. What a guitar. I have about $1900 into it between the pups and tuners. Worth every penny.
I wanted somethling like the Gibby '57 classics I had in an Epi 339 I had and these seemed like the way to go in PRS-land but more natural sounding (if that makes any sense). They certainly fit the bill. Plus, I read this description and this sounded very intriguing to me. While the stock pickups sounded ok, I was looking for something to take it over the top. I found it.