PRS S2 Standard 24 Satin Charcoal with different nut width


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Feb 18, 2024
Hi all
I have a PRS S2 Standard 24 Satin Charcoal from 2021. What surprises me is that everywhere it is stated that the guitar has a nut width of 43mm, but when measured at the nut of my PRS it is exactly 42mm. What is going on at PRS Do they themselves no longer know what specs their guitars have?
I actually bought it because of the 43mm and noticed a difference when I played it, I just thought it was my imagination, but by chance I measured it today.
I'm also confused by the different pickups, mine has the 58/15s pickups on it.

I am irritated
^This.. The s2 went from pattern regular to pattern thin and changed pickups.
Depends on the person. I prefer the pattern regular but used to prefer the pattern thin and wide thin. It really depends on the guitar and use. Pattern is my favorite.
Anybody compared both necks?
Which one feels better?
I've got Pattern Regular, Pattern Thin, Wide Fat, and previously had a Pattern Vintage. Of the lot, my favorite is the Wide Fat (currently Pattern?). I'd put the Pattern Vintage in second followed by Pattern Regular and finally Pattern Thin. That being said, I can jump from neck to nectk without any issues. I think I tend to favor the Wide Fat, however, because that's the neck shape that I've gotten used to the most with PRS guitars.