PRS for a jangly tone?


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Aug 18, 2012
Hi guys,
Which PRS model, or pickup, would you use to get a jangly guitar tone? A good example is Pete Buck's tone in the early days REM. I know he used a Rickenbacker 360 a lot

Thanks in advance!
Well, no PRS is going to do Rickenbacker for a lot of reasons, they're built completely differently, but I'd sure try a Starla for a bit of that jangle.

I've had several Ricks over the years, and there are just so many things about the two brands that are diametrically different that my honest advice is that if you truly want a Rick, buy a Rick.
I don't want to buy a Rickenbacker, I was just hoping that a PRS might be able to give something similar to that tone. Ah well. Nothing's perfect, eh?
Check out a Starla, they are very jangly. If you're interested in a 12 string, checkout a 12 string Hollowbody. They're jangly too
We do several early Beatles songs and I back the volume down to about 5 and use the 7 or 9 position on the 5-way of my CE to get that tone. Although not true to Gretsch or Rickenbacker it's a good compromise considering I'm using the same guitar to play bands like Saliva and Puddle of Mudd.
Try a SE One Korina. A lot of Nashville guys use Starla's & Jr's for a kind of jangly tone instead of a tele. I have a new Se One Korina & love it, it like a mix of a tele & Jr sound wise, but it plays and feels like a Prs. The compantion of the Korina wood, no tone pot and the P90 can do all the above. Jangly and twang or sweet and smooth, it all depends on where the volume is and where you pick. Plus the 2012 models are a real improvement over the old ones with birds and binding. And i think its the least expensive guitar Prs makes. My uncle has some fender custom shop b-benders and nocaster teles and i will take my korina over them any day lol. Plus I'm a single cut & Prs guy so it suits me well. the lack of a tone pot keep the P90 real bright on 10, put still has the bite you expect from a P90. On 9 its still vary bright put smooths out the bite, more tele like. And between 8.5-8 it warms up with near the same output, especially if you change your pick attack closer to the neck. I have some plans to have the PTC hotrod it, once i gather the funds I will post the finished work.
Don't be afraid to get a little creative when it comes to getting a jangly tone...

Use a thin pick and pick nearer to the bridge. Mess around with the eq on your pedals / amp to thin out the sound too!

You could even try out some subtle chorus effect along with the other methods...
I'd consider my DG Signature (not actually a DGT) w/ stop-tail as having a very "Rickenbacker" "jangly" sort of tone in the single coil mode. I thought it was just me, but after I got the thing, I saw this video with DG himself describe it that way too....

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Startla with a Bigsby would give you all the jangle you could hangle:)