PRS EG2 Bleeder Cap Removal Or Change


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Jun 28, 2013
I have what I belive to be a Metalic Red EG 2. Great guitar - great intonation and stays in tune as well as my core 24.

When I picked it up (at some guys house down some old dirt road, no kidding), it came with Fender (Original) Noiceless Pickups in it. I'm in the process of changing the strings and decided to remove or change the bleeder cap that a tech put in for me years ago as now I feel that the tone control doesn't really do much until I turn it all the way down to 2 or less. Its more like an on/off switch.

When I open the thing up I see two caps. One on the volume, and one on the tone. Which would be part of the original tone control and which would be the bleeder cap? The two caps look like they are labeled 473 (some symbol) and 022 on the volume control; the other (on the tone) says 101K.

Knowledgable advice appreciated.

(Was going to attached images, but seems I can't do that here).
The .022 is probably the tone cap. That's a tone cap value. If he used an .022 cap for the bright cap he didn't know what he was doing.

The bright cap would bridge the input terminal of the volume pot (first terminal) to the output terminal (middle terminal) of your volume pot. The third terminal will be soldered to the back of the volume pot...grounded.
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One cap is for the tone control, the other is a treble bleed cap. I really like the .022 value for the tone control and that is what PRS typically uses. PRS uses a 180 pf cap for the treble bleed. I like the value they use for this as well. There may be an issue with your pot if the tone control is either full on or full off.