PRS DGT SE Volume pot change


New Member
Dec 3, 2023
As I dont use the treble pickup as much as DG I decided to swap over the Volume controls so the top one is the neck etc.. No soldering is required as opening the cavilty shows plenty of cable tied up . Cut the tie , remove the knobs and the holding nuts and there is plenty to change the pots over.. Feels more natural now ..
Nice upgrade! I've been considering the same change on mine.. BTW, Welcome to the forum!

Many thanks .. Been a long time owner . Had a beautiful 1986 Custom 10 top with Curly Maple with the twin HB's and the sweet switch and the 5 way tone selector. Sadly sold . Since then had a couple of SE's .. Now the DGT which after getting it set up the way I like it is excellent Amp is either a Redplate D Style amp with Reverb or a Two Rock CRS ..