PRS Accessories: USA stock vs. UK/EU


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Nov 29, 2012
Via social media - and of course the official PRS homepage - you can compare either the available stock an the pricings of PRS accessories.

Living in Europe first we don't have the full stock and secondly the prices are higher, too.
I don't know the rational of PRS USA having decide about this difference.

There are all over the world PRS die hard fans and those accessories are means of advertising, too.
Hence assuming being sales manager, I would offer the official PRS sales representatives overseas (incl. PRS Europe) lower prices and the full accessory stock.
It seems that those overseas entities need to pay the retail pricing (and customs, shipping, etc. adds additional costs). For the customers it's a double punishment.
The pricing of the instruments is fair, but it's not with the accessories in those two fields.
And trying to order accessory items in the USA is time consuming and even more expensive due to all additional costs.

I hope PRS USA rethinks its policy concerning accessories, because on the long run PRS gains more success and more bonding.
I'm sure, damn certain, as I can be without being in the EU merch strategy meeting, that the costs aren't PRS arbitrarily charging more. There's a reason behind it, not a PRS penalty.

An insider smuggled out this pic of Paul.. Maybe I was wrong? :)

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Indeed. If I want to hit the road with a Mercedes, I call a Taxi.

Regardless, it is strange that PRS guitars aren't not more expensive than the US prices. Importing as a private person a PRS currently from the USA to Europe is more expensive than buying it in an European guitar shop.
That's why I assume lower sale prices in terms of guitars than accessories.