Pickup choice - HFS tonal difference squabbin vs bobbin?


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Jan 22, 2015
I currently own a CU24 with a set of 59/09 squabbins, whilst I love the dynamics they have, I find the bridge pickup to be a little too warm and has quite a flubby bass response. I've been looking to replace the bridge pickup for something a little tighter with more output, seeing as I want to keep my 59/09 neck pickup, I'm limited to a squabbin style bridge (for aesthetic reasons).

I also currently own a Tremonti II and I find the bridge pickup to be a little too high in output and it suffers from a lack of note definition, so that rules the tremonti treble out. The \m/ metal sounds very appealing, though seeing as PRS do not sell them separately in an uncovered design and finding one out of a floyd model here in Australia is almost impossible, that rules that out. This leaves me with the HFS.

A few years ago I tried out an older CU24 with a bobbin style HFS and I found the top end to be a little too shrill and ice picky. I thought that would rule out the HFS, however recently I've listened to quite a few clips of squabbin style HFS's and they seem to sound a lot more focused, tight and less fizzy. I know that the new squabbins have the pole pieces directly under the strings as apposed to the older Gibson sized bobbins. Whether or not that makes a difference, or perhaps the squabbin style HFS is using the new winding wire from the 5x/0x series?

TL;DR: Does anyone own both styles of HFS pickups and can confirm or deny whether they have any tonal difference?

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I'm surprised you described the 5909 that way. Through my rig it only sounds warm at 9-10 anything below that it's brighter and tight.

I am curious if there is a difference between the two bobbin styles too.

Don't forget about the sc250 pickup. That comes in squabbin version too.
Interesting, I would think, by logic, the results would be exactly opposite of what you're hearing. The HFS might be up you alley though. If you decide you wanna get rid of that squabbin, PM me.