Now This PRS Would Get Me Gassed Up !!!


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Feb 18, 2021
Now ... This is posted to show THE GUITAR, not the product the guy is demoing ...

And it may be better to turn off the sound, Just Look at the Guitar !!!

I came across this "Chords of Orion" guy in the heat of Baritone Madness awhile back as this "Ambient Guitar" is something he does with baritones usually ...

I have always been a tad interested in this "e-Bow " thing, as I think it might be a way to attempt some of the cool things Jeff Beck did in his "The Final Peace" composition (a tune I had to listen to when his death was announced, as it is kind of a requiem... seemed fitting)

Anyway, the guitar looks awesome ! This is a SE 277 version that PRS stopped making, in favor of the current version ... (sigh)

Semi Hollow Body
P 90 Pickups !!!! ...
Flamey Stripey veneer
Just Beautiful lookin '
Check it out

Baritones still seem kinda hot ... Squier sells all the Baritone Cabronitas they kick out. Gretsch does well with its G5260. Even low priced Harley Benton came out with a baritone recently, that they cannot keep in stock. The Gear 4Music Jazzmaster Knockoff (SubZero Bass 6), and finally the crazy Squier Jazzmaster Baritone that sells for $1Kilobuck ... used !

Anyway, I would think this version would be killer ... Dammm ... :)