NGD - SE T60E - review, photos, and videos


Moo Panuwat
Aug 15, 2012
Bangkok, Thailand
I’ve owned many PRSi but have never posted kinda NGD thread before so this is my first one. This is my SE Tonare T60E. It comes with solid sitka spruce top and laminated ziricote back and side. The guitar measures roughly 15.5” width at its waist and 11.5” around the shoulders. It has a mahogany neck shaped in SE Wide Fat profile with ebony fretboard as well as abalone birds inlays. The frets are small and low profile.

Appearance wise this top model SE acoustic is fully adorned with abalone purfling around rosette and top rim. Top, back and fretboard through its headstock are bound nicely with flamed maple. It also comes with Fishman piezo pickups. The entire guitar was finished in gloss. The hard case is appointed as standard equipment for this SE acoustic as are others.

Tone wise, this SE T60E sings with clear mids and highs while maintain average lows which is very suitable for both strumming and leads IMHO. The notes sound loud and clear. The projection is also superb. I compared this bad boy to a Taylor 210 DLX which ranks in the same price league and to my ears and eyes, the T60 won hands down.

BTW there are something in need improvements/adjustments. The action is way too high as 2.5 mm at 12th fret and the fret ends are still feel sharp – not overly sharp but it’s there. I’ve tried lowering the action by removing the 2-mm-thick undersaddle pickups and replacing with a 1 mm hard material and found that the guitar lost its high frequency and projection drastically. However I don’t care much about these problems as I will replace these frets with larger ones.

All in all, I’m very happy with this guitar. I’m not an acoustic guy so this SE acoustic is more than enough for me. Hope my review be informative for you though.

And lastly, like someone here said, a NGD/review thread without pics and video is probably useless. So there you go with this SE T60E pics plus a couple of videos simply recorded with cell phone camera mic. Please ignore my so-so playing skill. We gear nerds are here mainly for gear info, not for high speed picking, right?












This shows how high the factory action is.

Me with this guitar. The camera is placed about a couple of meters away.

Closer, at about a few feet distance.
Great post, thanks for the images and information!

My SE T40E came with about 2.5mm string height at the 12th fret, I'm also thinking this is too high.