NGD Oh… now I understand, RWN

That is a killer guitar! Dave's run of WL Santanas has been outstanding. It has been hard to resist pulling the trigger. Glad you grabbed one with a RW neck. Makes for a killer guitar.
Thanks! They still have I think four more electric tiger quilts with Rosewood necks there that look great. I’m pretty sure one of them has a one piece quilted maple top.
wow AP! what color are you going to paint it and have you decided on a neck carve?
LOL. I’m gonna go to Home Depot later and look at spray paint maybe blue sparkle over the quilt. What do you think?

As far as neck carves go I’m good with the Santana retro carve, pattern regulars on Paul’s and MEV are fine. I really like the pattern thin on the PS 594. Funny though I’ve tried a couple custom 24s with pattern thin that aren’t as nice as that PS 594 neck. I really like the neck on the Westy.

I don’t like and find it fatiguing to play wide, fat and patterned vintage. Older Santanas had more of a wide fat neck than these do.

Funny how I find most necks somewhat unique since they’re hand sanded.
Whoa, happy NGD! That Artist top must have been a downgraded PS top (really a PS top that the dealer was able to use on a WL run).

RW neck for the win, especially combined with the shorter scale length = magic! :)

Up next, a SC with a full Brazilian neck :)