NGD Oh… now I understand, RWN

Whoa, happy NGD! That Artist top must have been a downgraded PS top (really a PS top that the dealer was able to use on a WL run).

RW neck for the win, especially combined with the shorter scale length = magic! :)

Up next, a SC with a full Brazilian neck :)
I agree It is an incredible top and the neck is incredible! I'm afraid I'll be looking into Brazilian necked guitars in the near future... maybe not a SC right away (though I've been wanting to try a Tremonti) I want to checkout a 513 with BRW neck. Got to be a while or my wife may leave with the leather couch! :oops:
Welcome to “Club Eagle” unless of course you already have one, then welcome back.

It’s all gorgeous, but that quilt is outstanding.

Just remember if you want a Platinum Bangin it’s $25.