NGD: Finally The Wait Is Over

Daryl Jones

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Nov 15, 2021
Alberta Canada
I know that others wait longer for new guitars...PS, special order Core models etc, but I did wait an (to me) agonizing 8 months for my SE Hollowbody II Piezo. But that all came to an end Saturday. After an interminably long day at the office in spite of closing time at 3:00pm not 5:00pm like weekdays and a 2 hour drive to my Favorite Long & McQuade store, I got to open and view my long awaited new baby. The guys insisted it was me and only me to open the shipping package and case. So with trembling hands and more than a bit of breathlessness, I got to lay my eyes on what was to me, one of the prettiest instruments I've ever seen (in person) in my life. Tim (my sales rep) and Tony (the on duty tech) both oohed and aah'd, and I was, well, dumbfounded.
The detail was beyond what I had dreamed, the maple edging and trim around the F holes is so complimentary to the black burst and tobacco-ish coloration. As I picked it up out of the case I was immediately pleased at the feel of the neck in my hand and the way the body just fell into place like it was custom fit to me. I was impressed by the fit and feel of my SE Custom years ago but this was right out of this world. And did I mention the black burst color? PRS is renowned for beautiful finishes as we all know, but I really didn't expect this without being a 10 Top, I really didn't.
The neck looked perfect to me, the fret settings and nut were to my eyes spot on, and and fret edges were smooth as a baby's bottom. Tony smiled as he took it from me to take to the bench and test the electronics and action and those must do things before I took it home. When he returned he carried it so reverently I almost wept. He said it was a bit low on spec and he did adjust the intonation a wee tad, but then he said it played butter smooth and since I have a year's grace I could take it as is and if when the seasons change come winter if it needs more work, that's part of L&G customer service package (I knew that) and he would deal with it. A quick run with it by me confirmed the action but I was so shaky I couldn't hardly hold still I was so excited and nervous. God forbid I should ever have the immense fortune to get a core or (gasp) a PS machine. I'd probably faint on the spot. Tim is a drummer and had a gig to get to but he waited until the last second to see me with the guitar once Tony had worked his magic.
The drive home was tedious, but I managed well enough. And once I did get home and fed my two very insistent cats I got to sit down and really explore the guitar for real. All comments and descriptions of playability and how smooth the action is are not exaggerated at all. I put on the strap and adjusted it a couple times to get it just right for standing and seated comfort (that's just me being me) and for a few minutes I just sat there on the couch in a complete daze. I played unplugged for I don't know how long just feeling my way along and marveling at the build quality. I put the guitar down and made myself a quick snack and then headed downstairs to get some real fun going.
The magnetic pickup's are beyond good, time will tell but I can see no need at present for an upgrade in the near future at all. They freaking howl if you want to, but they are also sweet and clear when clean and no discernable muddiness or drop-off at even very low settings. The first go at the Piezo was startling to say the least. I didn't know what to expect, but the thing is surprisingly hot, far more so than I was expecting. It's really astounding just how much punch it has. What I didn't do was try the two together on two amps, but that will come soon (maybe tonight after work) but I ran out of gas around midnight. I played again last night after supper and I can see this as being "the one" for a long time to come.
I could go on but I've gushed enough platitudes already. Most of you have been around the block way more than I have so I won't bore you with further details that you already know. Thanks for listening to a 64 year old kid just back from the candy store!
Now to see if my image hosting has improved with Imagur...
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Congratulations! These are beautiful guitars. When I took mine in to my luthier, he played it for about 20 minutes once he got the action adjusted and the nut filed to his liking. There are a helluva lot of sounds in this model.
Congrats on the new family addition! It’s a beauty and, rest assured, we all know those feelings. It‘s nice to have your expectations exceeded!
Sweet looking guitar!!! From your write up it sounds like a great fit for you. Congrats and enjoy!!!
Congratulations! A couple of years ago, this was my first PRS. Now I have quite a few more, but this one is still near and dear to me. Rock on!
When did SE move from Indonesia to China? o_O
Not exactly sure it was a move, but like Moondog Willy said, it is likely the model build process. My SE Custom was Indonesia....

But here's an update on my HBII: my piezo pickup is acting the tit. I'm getting nothing but hiss and static when I try to play it. Or it's totally dead. Call the shop yesterday and the tech told me to try a different battery, the one in it was some cheap thing that he said was a bit weak when he tested it. So I put in a new alkaline one last night and same s**t different pile. Switched amps (grasping at straws) and same same. Argh.
When I first fired it up Sunday morning it seemed really hot, but I just toned it down and never thought much more...learning curve maybe? So I just played for a while using the mag pickups and testing out the various sounds/switch positions. Then Monday morning I tried the piezo again and in came the issues: crackle, pop, hiss, static... yuck. Shut that off and switch plugs to check the mags, and they were stellar as before.
So, Friday I have to go to the lights for a nerve conduction test for my carpal thing, will take it back to the shop and see what they can find. Probably something simple (the jack maybe?) but it is disconcerting. It's a machine, and we all know machines have problems. Hopefully not serious ones.